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Mind-Body Recovery Techniques

2019, Third Quarter: Curriculum

It is my aim to make health-promoting Qigong and Tai Chi accessible by teaching exercises that students can take up and use on their own between classes. (See what amounts to a manifesto in the opening lines of this website's Mind-Body Los Angeles page.) Admittedly, there is a lot of content in each class, so the challenge is to remember a few exercises (or even just one!) to start with, as you build your own practice over time. Please use this outline of our classes as a prompt to jog your memory, when you are off on your own and wanting to effect a little healing for yourself. If you would like more material, write, and I will reply with links to video clips or handouts.

  • Aligning between Earth and Sky (weekly opening)

    • Walking

    • Standing (to establish the basic posture)

  • Vitality Enhancement Method (5 Qigong warm-up exercises)

    • 1. Flowing Motion

    • 2. Side to Side Bending Spine

    • 3. Holding up the Sky

    • 4. Forward and Backward Bending Spine

    • 5. Spontaneous Qigong

  • Tracing the Qi Channels (self-applied massage)

  • Misc. Qigong Exercises, Walking Meditations, Tai Chi Moves

    • ​We have been working on "Fair Lady Works the Shuttle to All Four Corners" from the Yang 108-Move Tai Chi Form: Section 3

  • Guigen Qigong: "Return to the Roots" (a 5-section form, based on the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

    • Formal Opening

    • ​The Five Sections

      • ​Earth: Corresponding with the Spleen

      • Metal: Corresponding with the Lungs

      • Water: Corresponding with the Kidneys

      • Wood: Corresponding with the Liver

      • Fire: Corresponding with the Heart

  • ​Closing Meditation

Klessing 5 elements.jpg
2019 Third Quarter: About
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