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Affordable Acupuncture: Try These Providers!

Abundance, generosity, operating in the "spirit of the gift"—this was language that your Mind-Body Los Angeles (MBLA) blogger here saw put in glorious action in the L.A. area's Time Bank community, beginning in 2008. As a grateful beneficiary of Qigong, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness Meditation and inspired by Gift Economy exchanges, I created this MBLA Google calendar, this Facebook page, and this website's page as a way of making so-called "complementary" practices more widely accessible, by tracking and promoting free, low-cost, or donation-based meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, and other offerings by clinics, organizations, and individual providers.

I am always excited and encouraged to come upon a new (to me) community acupuncture clinic, like the one I discovered and posted today on Facebook. I figured I might as well compile all the ones I know in one blog post. So, here goes. They are listed below numerically in zip code order (just as they are on the calendar). If you discover one that is obsolete or wish to suggest the addition of another, please contact me at

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