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Guest Qi Presenter (and sundries)

I'm thrilled to announce that Rob Silver agreed to be guest teacher for Mind-Body Los Angeles's next Online Standing Qigong, Monday, February 8 at 7:00PM Pacific! The Zoom Link: Request the password at

I met Rob "by accident" almost 6 years ago, when I was driving around Frogtown, lost in my attempts to locate a community garden. Instead, I found myself facing a big sign at a Qigong instruction venue! "Whaaaaa?!" I parked, went in, and there sat Rob. Magic! He took me up on my invitation to join the Silver Lake Time Bank and threw himself into projects at, for example, Micheltorena Elementary School Community Garden and Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic.

Sadly, I won't be the beneficary of his practice. Happily, I was invited by the co-founder of the Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center's Wellness Council to co-facilitate a Death over Dinner event, an occasion to process the recent experiences of frontline healthcare workers and support staff. It will be mostly talk, but I intend to open and close with some Qigong, too.

Donations on Monday will all go to Rob to support his valuable energy healing work in the community. Please see his website It's Balanced.

I'll be back Tuesday and through the rest of the week (and beyond). You will find the weekly schedule with Zoom links at the previous blog post.

Speaking of death ...

Beginning in May, 2016, I participated in a year-long, one-meeting-per-month workshop entitled “A Year To Live,” as co-facilitated by Mary Stancavage and Valerie Cusson of (now defunct) Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (ATS). Mary’s promotional material read in part, “Are you ready to die? What if you only had one year to live the rest of your life? This year-long group, based on the book by Stephen Levine, is a spiritual practice of facing death and waking up to the life we are living. Each participant will live the next year as though it were their last.” It was a powerful experience. So worthwhile!

I recently learned that another ATS teacher Amy Love (who was also in the workshop with me) will be co-faciliting a round with Valerie, this time under the aegis of InsightLA. Their series of monthly Zoom meetings will begin Sunday, February 28. The base price is $650, with financial assistance “available for historically marginalized populations. See more here.

Amy Love (left), Valerie Cusson (right)

No sooner had I promoted Amy and Valerie’s series on Facebook than Mary Stancavage herself piped up and announced that she, too, will be starting her own series, beginning Sunday, April 25. This will be her tenth year to offer this course. Her sliding scale is $400-600. See more here.

Mary Stancavage

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