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Qigong Global Summit

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I see that my first Qigong and Tai Chi teacher Roger Jahnke OMD will be participating in the 2nd Gigong Global Summit, September 24-27, along with 31 other presenters. It is FREE! Roger's presentation Three Treasures: Amazing Qigong Elixirs for the Body, for the Mind and for the Spirit will be Tuesday, September 24, 1PM PDT. He will also co-present with Linda Larkey, PhD on Friday, September 27, 9AM PDT: Contemporary Research on Ancient Practices. Since I'll miss most of the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday live webcasts, I went ahead and upgraded, so that I'll have unlimited access to replays and downloads. Check out the lineup and let me know which presentation captivates you (mindbodylosangeles@gmail.com)! I'll watch it, too, and we can compare notes!