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Qigong Global Summit

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I see that my first Qigong and Tai Chi teacher Roger Jahnke OMD will be participating in the 2nd Gigong Global Summit, September 24-27, along with 31 other presenters. It is FREE! Roger's presentation Three Treasures: Amazing Qigong Elixirs for the Body, for the Mind and for the Spirit will be Tuesday, September 24, 1PM PDT. He will also co-present with Linda Larkey, PhD on Friday, September 27, 9AM PDT: Contemporary Research on Ancient Practices. Since I'll miss most of the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday live webcasts, I went ahead and upgraded, so that I'll have unlimited access to replays and downloads. Check out the lineup and let me know which presentation captivates you (! I'll watch it, too, and we can compare notes!

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