Relaxation Techniques Workshop

Intensive Outpatient Program (Day Treatment), Kaiser Permanente LAMC Addiction Medicine, 1050 N. Edgemont St., Los Angeles, CA 90027. Tuesdays, 11:30AM. For Kaiser members. Outline appears below. Workshop materials are available at no cost from


  • ​Handout about "Positive Stress" and "Negative Stress"

    • Read together and discuss

  • A Day away from Stress. Audio recording that teaches 5 formal relaxation techniques.

    • Introduction

    • Conscious or Diaphragmatic Breathing

    • Progressive Relaxation

    • Meditation ("Sonic" Meditation)

    • Scanning

    • "Deep" Relaxation (self-hypnosis)

    • Closing Remarks


  • Sick of Stress video

  • A Day away from Stress. (See details above)

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