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Kaiser LAMC Hospital Prayer Meditation R


  • Recovery Dharma (formerly Refuge Recovery): "A peer-led, grass-roots, democratically-structured organization. Our mission is to support individuals on their path of recovery from addiction using Buddhist practices and principles."

  • The Heart of Recovery: "A meditation and sharing support group with the purpose of bringing together the practice of meditation, the Shambhala and Buddhist teachings, and the Twelve Steps of Recovery."

  • Meditation Coalition: "A group of teachers, facilitators and students dedicated to providing access to meditation and Buddhist teachings for all who are interested. We belong to the communities we support and serve. We are committed to ethical behavior, social justice, and compassionate action." 

  • Insight LA: "offering high-quality mindfulness and compassion practices throughout the Greater Los Angeles area for almost 20 years."

  • Kaiser Permanente: Kaiser's website provides free access to anyone (Kaiser members and non-members alike) to 20 different meditations led by Belleruth Naperstek.

  • For links to the curriculum and materials for LAMC's Mind-Body Recovery Techniques and the LAMC Addiction Medicine Department's Day Treatment Tuesday Relaxation Techniques workshop and Thursday meditation workshop, click here.  (Otherwise, the services themselves are available only to Kaiser members.)

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