FREE Seated Qigong, Online Daily (at different times) through Thursday, April 1

Updated: Mar 30

Qigong—Ancient Chinese energy practice—translates as "Vital Energy Cultivation"—involves gentle, meditative movement and breathwork. FREE, daily, online sessions through Wednesday, April 1, but at different times. An optional, half-hour orientation for newcomers to Qigong will precede each session. Suitable for beginners! No prior experience is necessary! Schedule appears below (subject to change).

See also Facebook pages Mind-Body Los Angeles​ and Lee Conger, Integral Qigong and Tai Chi.

ADDENDUM: While I have you, please see my March 21 post "Virus Defense: Don't Panic, Take Action," where you will find links to two brand-new YouTube videos from my teacher Roger Jahnke, OMD (Doctor of Oriental Medicine): an information-dense lecture on various ways in many domains to boost immune functioning and an hourlong Qigong practice session. Way worthwhile!

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