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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

In support of Black Lives Matter and in the interest of furthering the work of anti-racism, Mind-Body Los Angeles will be highlighting meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong classes offered by Black teachers; as well as pointing to resources White People may avail ourselves of to further the dismantling of white-centrism.

For the next eleven Fridays (through Sept. 11), Metabolic Studio will be hosting Abolitionist Reading and Native Plant Embroidery. ''It is crucial that we focus our energy right now on the Black Lives Matter movement, on educating ourselves, on holding each other accountable, and building solidarity,'' they assert. ''For this reason, we’ve decided to spend ~45 minutes reading out loud while crafting together, followed by time for conversation." This week's reading will be from Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow, Chapter 5: The New Jim Crow.'' Please join them Fridays, 5:30PM. The link to register:

On Sunday, JoAnna Hardy will facilitate the People of Color and Allies Sitting and Discussion Group, a once-monthly event (every first Sunday) that she began in January, 2016. It is a conjoint gathering of the weekly (on Sundays) People of Color Sangha and White Allies for Social Justice Group, which are both affiliated with Meditation Coalition, a mutually-supportive assembly of teachers, facilitators, and students who "are aligned with the common cause of liberation from suffering for all beings. JoAnna co-founded Meditation Coalition in 2018 with Mary Stancavage.

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