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Online, FREE Seated Qigong sessions continue on Fridays

Qigong—ancient Chinese energy practice—translates as "Vital Energy Cultivation"—involves gentle, meditative movement and breathwork. I have been offering FREE, online sessions for the past 13 weeks and plan to continue! An optional, half-hour orientation for newcomers to Qigong will precede each session. Suitable for beginners! No prior experience is necessary! Schedule appears below (subject to change).

  • Fridays, 11:30AM orientation / 12:00PM Qigong / 1:00PM Q&A&G*. This will be a series of on-going FREE Friday midday sessions, "while supplies last." (Ha!)

WHILE I HAVE YOU ... Let me point you to two other weekly, virtual mind-body offerings from two friends.

  • Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method® practitioner Jenna Blaustein's Awareness through Movement. Mondays, 6:00-7:15PM and Saturdays, 9:00-10:15AM. "This class will use gentle movement sequences to increase your self-awareness and bring greater ease of movement. It may help you discover news ways to increase your range of motion and improve flexibility. It is used by actors, artists, athletes, and musicians as well as those with persistent pain, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases. Open to people of all ages and abilities." I know Jenna through the Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks, the members of which provide services to each other, using time as currency, rather than U.S. Federal Dollars. Operating in the gift economy, we assume abundance and generosity. Here's what Jenna says about the fee: "If you are amongst the financially strapped, come anyhow. I am asking folks who can afford it to donate whatever you would be able pay for a class to the organization and/or whatever political cause you choose."

  • Jamie Alonge has been a Tai Chi practitioner since the late nineties. His Monday and Wednesday, 10:00AM Tai Chi Zoom Classes are FREE. On Fridays at 8:00AM, Jamie leads $5 classes via EVERYBODY. Our mutual interest in gardening with native California plants led us separately to Wild Yards Project's Facebook group, where somehow we discovered we also had an interest in Tai Chi and Qigong. (I can't begin to remember how that subject ever came up in a thread about gardening!) Jamie's website Regeneration Tai Chi is beautiful. About the photo: Back in my earliest classes at the Ortiz Taylor House via the Silver Lake Time, one of my regulars was Leonardo Chalupowicz, architect and cherished co-founder of the Micheltorena Elementary School Community Garden, where I later studied Qigong with Meg Flynn and also led sessions. What an honor it was cultivate Qi with him! It was a greater honor still in 2013, when he asked if he could include me in his online Urban Healers series. Leonardo died two years ago. All visitors to the garden will forever be the beneficiaries of his labors of love.

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