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Lee Conger, LMFT, MFC 39107
Individual Psychotherapy / EMDR 
Tai Chi / Qigong / Meditation
Certified Teacher of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi

Farah Zerehi, Registered Associate
Marriage & Family Therapist #119935


Ryan Levin, Registered Associate

Marriage & Family Therapist #120015


Psychotherapy, Individuals and Couples

Online services exclusively, due to COVID-19 pandemic


"Because we have more lived experience than we can possibly assign language to, our stories necessarily exclude much of what we have actually lived. In situations when problems become dominant in our stories, it is possible to reauthor our story of ourselves, by revisiting actual—perhaps previously unnoticed—lived experiences, watching especially for nondominant, but preferred story lines, to make creative use of."
Lee Conger, LMFT
Extract from Definitional Ceremony handout, 2009 Malibu Participants' Conference


Wherein I claim, "Tai Chi ain't so ancient!"

"What's the difference between Tai Chi and Qigong?" (Except, three years ago, when I was a panelist at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine's 2nd Annual Symposium on the Potential of Chinese Medicine, there was actually plenty of robust debate on whether or not there is any difference at all!) You can, of course, get as wonky as you want with these matters— #WonkyAsYouWant —but I like to stick with the way it was originally presented to me, back in 2011-2012, when I was tra


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